Alive in Love

You let me see only your eyes,
But eyes don’t lie; your eyes say
Only part of everything,
But lie not, in black or white.
You let me feel only your palm,
I wouldn’t hold it, my hand, as cold,
But when I do, your warmth whelms my cold—
You feel alive on me, a piece of you
On me, on me, on me. Oh!

“I want only your heart,”
If I’d ask.
I want to feel, as alive,
A piece of you
In me, in me, oh, in me—
Driving me nuts, yet making me
Whole, and yet, razing me
Down within, until down we go…
Only, hand in hand, warmth over cold,
Life over death—white over black.
I love the beauty I see
In you and I.

I am alive in love;
Ah, to love is to live!


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