Old Friend

I remember.
I remember you and I;
They were good times,
The old times—
If we could go back!
If we could relive
Every moment,
Oh, if we could.

I loved
That you
Had a way,
You’d put a smile
On my face,
A laugh
From the heart;
Every day.
I find it
Sad now—
I have been
Sitting here
For a while now,
Looking back
At the past month,
And months,
And year,
And years…
How sad,
How sad;
These tears
That now flow
Two ways,
And endless,
Because of you.

What happened
To every beautiful thing
We had?
The beauty
We cultivated
In every moment,
What happened?

I remember.
I remember how they felt like—
Our times together,
When you’d inspire me,
With your
You were ever
In my eyes;
I thought I too
In yours,
But was I?
Was I ever?

You taught me love,
And taught me
In the feeling,
But then,
You left me
Where we made
Beautiful memories—
They burn me
These memories,
Our old moments.

I hate to see you now,
Every time
I remember,
I sadden
At the
Of time travel
For you and I.

What once was inspiration
Has turned
To competition.
I look back,
With tears,
Drowning my heart,
My walls of within,
Into each other.
How can I
Compete with you?
For what?
Love was never this
But how can I
Look at this?
As detest?
As… loathe?
As… No.
How did we
Ever get here?

I look up at the stars
On beautiful nights—
I feel at home
Up in the sky;
I feel more at home
Than around you,
Than in this place
You taught me
To be home…
I feel more understood
By all I understand
As a mystery.

On bitter nights,
I wonder:
Was I a mistake
To you?
Do I ever make you
Question the heavens
On my existence?
How I can’t help
But feel

Farewell, then.
Is all my heart
Throws back
At your
Heavy blows—
Thank you.
Farewell, then.
I guess time
Was ever limited.
Goodbye, then.


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