(N)Ever Alone

Four will meet
Sometime after noon.
They may take a walk
That leads to a bar.
They may find
A corner table;
It could be their spot.
They may crack
Their ribs in laughter–
Pure pearls
From the heart,
As they drink,
And drink,
To more life.
They will be four;
They will feel
Like eight,
Or more.
But their day
Will end,
As all others do,
And each will get
Into bed;
Likely, each,
A different bed–
No doubt,
With one mind,
And one heart,
And one body,
And one soul.
And in the same fashion,
So will each one rise
In the morning.

Two will lie
In bed,
Side by side,
Or back to back,
Or body on body,
Or every way
Or possible.
Two will shut
Two pairs of eyes,
And retreat
To, each,
A web of brains
A single heart,
One body,
And as so,
They will be two
In bed;
They could
Make love,
Sometime in the night,
Eyes open,
Then shut
In pleasure,
And then sleep.
They will be two
In bed,
But as each
Drifts to slumber,
They will be each,
Of their own,
Of what the bed
Or what the night
For when morning
They each awake
Their hearts,
And minds,
And bodies,
And souls,

The world has its narrative.
As well,
We each
Have our own.
Are ever alone;
It is how you got
It is how
You will leave
This place.
Don’t feel sad about it–
Accept it,
Learn to live with it,
With you;
It is what every night
Attempts to whisper.
If you could learn
To embrace
Such moments,
You could
Consider making
Some time
Your day for you:
The mind,
The heart,
The body,
And the soul,
To come to an
And co-existence,
So that your life
Is first yours
It is the world’s.
And when you
Retire to bed
And expect
A stretch
Of aloneness,
You will not be
So afraid
To shut
Those eyes…
You await you
On the other side.


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