Choose What Makes Your Heart Shine

Perhaps, the most delicate part of human existence, is the mind—
How sad that we have ceased to live, fighting endless batless!
Battles with our own selves, our minds; battles on sanity—
An illusion that has fed on us, setting standards so high
For our lives that it becomes the point of living it.
But what is sanity? I wonder and ponder all night;
I ponder in day, amazed by how submerged on the other side
Of this illusion we are—are we awake? are we aware?
As we wake up and live a day like we did and still will;
As we worship routine, live on repetition, consistency, continuation—
The loop of hypnosis and yet sane we claim, and others seek,
Will this not be an endless journey that we walk backwards?

Everything that happens, gives us some power
To decide how it affects our lives.
Not many decisions in life will matter as much
As the ones that hold your fate in them—
Take your time to think of decisions that heal,
Take your time to let go of disappointments you feel,
Take your time to make decisions
That do not align you with dictations
Of sanity, of what should be, or what to do…
Put you first and your happiness; sanity
Is a complicated phenomen, dear human—
You will be surprised how many walk around,
With heads out of their bodies, empty bodies
And yet cling to what sanity means to them.

Find your happy; when you don’t, make it.

That is all for today! Here are the day’s five poems. See you tomorrow.

Stay safe, bye.

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