Dare To Find You

Within you (bonus)

It is not an easy thing to see, or its presence appreciate,
Yet, it grows from the pieces of us, lost and broken alike—
It is beauty within us, a flower that blossoms in our ruins;
It is the “us” that we speak not about, that we know little about.

Find what makes you smile; hold and cherish it.
Trash what makes you sad, cleave what you have to.
Let what makes you glow grow in you, let it bloom.
Shun the darkness, for nothing good lurks in it.

You make art without brushes of paint in you;
No mastery, and yet, the final touch
Is one breath-taking—keep it to only you.

You are beautiful, but my words are nothing—
Your words are everything; do you believe?
You are more than your external value;
There is something in you, in us all…
But my words are nothing, they are like the air.

Dare to journey within you; dare to find you.

A discussion is coming up; see you!


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