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Life In Love

“Such simple a word, yet how great a feeling! Love, entwined in life, cultivated in two; So kind, its kind, so gentle and beautiful— One can never feel two as right as in love. O’, what a…”

The Mirror In The Dark

“The night, as dark, was like a man’s mirror. A man would, in odd hours, roam the earth— Such a man was no angel, rule out no devil; Likely, a man alone and loving the odd night. A man would, in the depths of dreams, snore— Such a man was a tour of…”

A Man’s Ways V.2

“From nature, sprouts life And yet, with her, we war— We take this from her, She retaliates with that. Air, once rich with freshness, Now stinks of death—it looms; So pungent, it chokes as it takes. O’, mother…”