Johnny III: Who Cares?

Johnny doesn’t find the world so warm
Streets are cold, and society is freezing
He walks with shivers, his head is hung
He speaks to nobody, not with a trembling mouth.
Johnny doesn’t find the night so warm
He sees most of it, and feels all of it
And Johnny feels a snore, a dream, would do
He feels a warm, dreamless night would do
But the world puzzles, and life puzzles too
Johnny decides, questions are just useless
“Questions, o’, questions, am I so helpless?”
No, Johnny doesn’t feel helpless, not so helpless.
When the time comes and it is time to work
Johnny will settle, and work, and summon the gods;
It will be time to find answers to problems,
Answers to questions, questions only solvable;
Other questions like why Johnny is sad
Why Johnny is sad when the world is not
Will have the same “who cares?” answer; who does?


Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

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