Johnny IV: Just Life

It is a wonderful day, and Johnny smiles
It is the day a penny and another goes
Into Johnny’s account, then Johnny’s wallet
O’, rewards! How they uplifted the soul
Rewards, for the sleepless nights and the cold mornings.
‘What would the soul like to do?’ Johnny thinks
The soul doesn’t speak much, but it feels much more
So, Johnny will decide, then see how the soul feels.
He sips something strange, and gulps more of it
The soul becomes weak, and so does the flesh.
Johnny goes out to the world as cold, o’, dear Johnny!
The streets are now hot and so is his head
His blood races, and Johnny races on
He wants this, wants that, and then he wants it all
He tries this, tries that, and then he tries it all.
Johnny feels light, his troubles fly; useless questions
Johnny doesn’t feel so helpless now; when was he helpless?
And was it time to work and summon the gods, was it?
Was it time to find answers to problems
Answers to questions, questions not solvable, was it?
Other questions like why Johnny was alive,
Why Johnny was alive in the dead of night
Will have the same “just life” answer; it always is.


Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

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