Johnny II: Later

It is 8 am, and Johnny watched the sun
As it rose, and shone brightly; so beautifully
Johnny enjoys a sip from “Good Morning World”
He entertains thoughts from “The Early Birds”
The thoughts are a mixture of cold and warm
But they are okay, and not at all important
Life is lived, no need to love, no need for love
Johnny knows, Johnny has tried, Johnny failed
He sits back at 10 and locks thoughts away.
It is time to work and summon the gods,
It is time to find answers to problems;
Answers to questions, questions only solvable
Other questions like why Johnny is awake
Why Johnny is awake, when the world is waking
Will have the same “later” answer; best for later.

Johnny I: Necessary


Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

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