Johnny I: Necessary

No trickle of sweat at dawn, no time to yawn
Johnny thinks a mill when the world is asleep
He reads a page from “Survivors At Life”
Then enjoys a sip from “Survivors Of Dawn”
Johnny scribbles a report and brainstorms
Things get hard at times and the harder they go
But dawn is no time to brood, there is no time to brood
As the clock ticks, the seconds leave no time behind
It is time to work and summon the gods,
It is time to find answers to problems;
Answers to questions, questions only solvable.
Other questions like why Johnny is up
Why Johnny is up, when the world is asleep
Will have the same “necessary” answer; it’s just necessary

Poetry Wednesday is live! See you in the next post😊


Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

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