A Writer’s Journey

At some point in our lives, we’re all writers, wouldn’t you agree? We have, along the way, taken a pen and written a sentence, a passage, an article, or text. You perhaps didn’t consider yourself a writer or never have because of among other reasons, the fact that you don’t do it but rather, did it. You wrote an article, for instance; it makes you the writer of the article, not an article writer. It’s okay.

You have/had a dream to be something or you became that something. You occasionally writer—reports, recaps, summaries, opinions, recommendations or whatever else relevant to your occupation or area of interest. You may not be a writer but you’ve borne the title, for however brief. What’s my point here? We all have it in us.

Writing is a one-step-to-another journey, and yes, it is a journey. One that begins with an idea, then a word, and then more, making a sentence. Before you know it, a few seconds have you a paragraph, and two paragraphs have you a message.

Maybe you stopped at one word because you were signing out or filling information; a sentence because you were dropping feedback or a paragraph because you were giving a summary. You have, perhaps, written hundreds of articles over the years but don’t connect with your craft because it’s only part of something else; something bigger. It’s okay.

Why do you write? Despite the many, different reasons, you will often find yourself either needing or wanting to write. When you take that pen and pad or crack your knuckles before a PC in preparation to write, your reason hangs over your head—a constant reminder why you’ll be scribbling or typing the next word for the next 10 or 20, 30 or 60 minutes.

Whether or not you consider yourself a writer, once you’ve decided to sit and write, I would urge you to write your heart out. Look at how you piece the words; how you bring ideas together. There is beauty in the ability that is within you, whether it’s something you’d prefer to do or not.

Happy writing! To be continued on Thursday


Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

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