So, We Live

We will put the year behind us--
a new journey's ahead of us,
a new journey, with much more;
more to leave with and live with. 
Many things happen every year,
and every year, we hold some of it 
within, and move on with all of it. 
And there comes a time when some of it 
feels like baggage, baggage we must drop. 
And there comes a time we find out 
that some of it will stay with us 
for as long as we live. So, we live--
we make merry, smile, we laugh, dance.
We are one with the night, and free 
as the winds in daylight. We are 
unstoppable, formidable. 
We raise glasses to another year. 
We refuse to feel lucky, for this far. 
We say thanks for good health, 
and pray for better health. 
We blow our troubles and 
drain to drown our sorrows. 
The best of us couldn't be here--
we wipe a nostalgic tear, 
our hearts swell with love. 

Another journey, we count. 
Another journey, behind us. 
Another story, untold. 

3 thoughts on “So, We Live

  1. 🥂And there comes a time when some of it feels like baggage, baggage we must drop.🥂

    How we hang onto the last tare of the old garments, knowing we must let go…
    And start afresh –
    “The best of us couldn’t be here”
    Is an evocative line, turning so much upside down or right inside –
    As we cross over;
    Happiest celebration to you as you and your loved ones usher in the new year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for your thoughts on this post! Thank you for the wishes! Enjoy your holidays too and may you have a blessed year ahead


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