Memories and Secrets

At the crack of dawn,
I rose,
With parts of me,
Breaking down,
Breaking apart,
From a being;
A heart, a mind—
A duo, once one,
A million pieces apart;
A million worlds apart.
In a million words less,
Apart, torn apart,
From the oneness;
From a piece, once
A being, a mortal.
Now aside,
The heart, the mind,
Each bear
Memories and secrets,
So deep, within, heaped
Upon heaps, upon heaps;
Each dark
In its way.

I saw light in darkness,
And darkness in light.
I wallowed in the ashes
Of yesterday, every today,
Until tomorrow was afraid—
Afraid I had not in me
The will, the force,
To rise,
Like a Phoenix
And soar high today,
And create tomorrows,
And love, and accept
Every moment, every
Feeling in it; in now—
Appreciate the fact
Of being,
And the blessing
To feel.
Tomorrow was afraid
For a good reason—
It rained,
And I wallowed
In a lake of tears
From above, from within,
And without.

Memories held secrets,
And secrets were stealthy;
Darkness was a weapon,
And the way.
Within a being, a mortal,
A million pieces,
With independent
Thoughts, feelings,
Ideas, and desires.
The eye saw, the heart
A being ached, a being
Crumbled within.
Eventually, parts,
Once one,
Broke down,
And broke apart—
A million pieces apart;
A million worlds apart.

Memories hold secrets,
And secrets are stealthy.
Light is a weapon too,
And the way;
Its gift is will, choice.
See, you can choose
The secrets you keep,
The memories you create—
Create beauty amidst
Disaster, destruction;
Create life—live, mortal.
Create bliss amidst
Sadness, darkness;
Create light and light
Will guide your way.
Life works out
Whichever way—
Accept it, live with it;
Move on, and smile at it.

Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash


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