Memories or Secrets?

I rose with the sun;
I rose with gratitude,
With bliss, and eagerness
For life, for a chance
To be, to make
A difference,
To feel, and exist
In every breath.

I rose, and trouble roseโ€”
No strange feeling,
Yet no true
Of it have I.
Only this lackingโ€”
Incompleteness, some
Blanks, emptiness,
Where once existed
Buried in memory,
Or perhaps,
Somewhere within;
Someplace deep.

Some secrets, some
Have claimed,
Are intended
For our goodโ€”
I set out to seek,
Beyond my depths,
For truth
In such claims.
Will I find memories,
Or secrets?

Photo by Loren Gu on Unsplash


11 thoughts on “Memories or Secrets?

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