Au Revoir

And, so, I bid a sweet farewell
To the things I once held true.

Belief is a high, stone wall
What lies beyond is a mystery
And the world seems terrified
Of the unknowns
Well, who’s to blame?

We bear scars of trials
Triumphs, stuffed in chests
Fables keep us at bay
Power, untapped, lays unbothered
We can never really grow
Out of our shells, not this way
For we only look up, and wait.

Good bye, sweet and kind
The road stretches from east to west
It is a long, high road
Choices flood each path
The way to life, I nod, and walk on
Picking one, with a step, and another
I will discover “where” as I journey on
As for why, my dear, I bid farewell
To the things that held me here.

This marks the end of Poetry Wednesday😊 I hope you enjoyed today’s five. See you tomorrow!

Stay safe, bye.


Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

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