The Raid: Charles & Richard [Reviewed]

Don’t be fooled, dear, by ‘these times.’ They change.

Three sneaky boys cause a disruption in time. Now is lost, and parts of it intertwine with the future, others, the past. Our world is invaded by the worst from different times who, despite their differences, have a united aim: to raid. Sweep us from this world. Those from the present who find themselves elsewhere remain there for a long, long time. The folding and unfolding of the times. The Raid.

This week on Monday the 8th, a new narrative went up on Meet your Characters. It was from the story, The Raid, and above is the description. I haven’t started writing The Raid, but it’s among the top three projects I hope to work on soon after Whoanoua: Revolution.


The Raid is a fantasy piece, which largely features adventure, action, mystery, and thriller genres.

Charles & Richard’s story

Charles is Richard’s dad. He plays but a supporting role in the book, providing answers and guidance.

Richard plays a larger role in the book; so, I thought to minimize his activity in the narratives to understand better the things that influence him. The greatest, as you would guess, is his old man, Charles.

Richard is one of the major characters in the book. His family is the center of everything that happens, and theirs are the doors to greater mysteries. In the narrative, we watch Richard learn most things that he’s going to encounter later on. This should give you a proper background. However, while we journey to find answers, the world is ending.

In the narrative, I take you back to how Charles introduced Richard to their family’s ways. I would like you to, with time, understand their relevance in the disruption that happens.


The narrative begins with Richard, and as Charles carries an old case from his collection. Richard’s fascination with his old man’s line of work is evident. The two then exit with Richard on the lead.

In the second part, Charles shows Richard a little room that had glimmering gloves. They have a brief, interesting conversation.

I liked this

CHARLES: You’ll probably be walking these same corridors, someday, with a tiny little girl of your own. You’ll probably call her, ‘Charlie’ or ‘Jackie.’ … You will definitely understand it all with time…

To be continued…

This narrative will be continued at a later time. We’re yet to dig into Richard’s life growing up, and there’s plenty of interesting stuff along the way!

A new narrative will go up on Meet your Characters tomorrow. I hope you’ll join me, and more that you’ll enjoy it. Follow Meet your Characters here. Thank you!

Stay safe, bye.


Photo by Simon Wijers on Unsplash

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