It’s a cold day, but beautiful; I hope you’re well.

Intro, 5s

Here’s a brief update:

  • Round 2 of narratives for Meet your Characters will start rolling this coming weekend (6/20 & 6/21). We will, therefore, not have a review this Friday (6/19). Instead, I’ll publish a script, which is the next item for today…
  • As promised in this first update, I’ll resume publishing weekly scripts alongside the narrative reviews, every Friday, here on Benie Writes. Expect something a little longer than Control-Es, but length enough for a short film. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Coming up…

  • I hope to resume working on Whoanoua: Revolution this week. We’re still at Chapter 4, part 5. I’ll share my progress in the next update. Here’s the book’s description:
    • Whoanoua: Revolution
    • Genres: Political/mystery/thriller/action/drama
    • Fed up with the exploitative and oppressive leadership, a group of young adults comes together to start a revolution. They propose a new system of administration, which offers transparency and accountability on a whole new level. The choice is simple: the people of Whoanoua have 72 hrs after the coup, to decide whether to be ruled by “amateurs” who just overthrew the government, or be delivered back to the hands of their former leaders. Within this period, the book goes through events which led to the coup, looks into the proposed system more profoundly and exposes the strengths and weaknesses of both systems; while dramatically expressing how easily we fall prey to poor leadership, and how much change really costs, despite its inevitability; a cost that must be paid, because of the same!
  • You can find Whoanoua on Wattpad through this link, or Inkitt, through this link. Please check it out when you’re free.
  • I’ve been working on a short project, titled: The Girl On The Stairs (And A Man Without A Head). If all goes well, I’ll publish this towards or at the end of Whoanoua. I’m not yet sure how long Whoanoua will be, but with a step a time, it’ll be successfully completed soon!
  • This week should have some pretty interesting poetry activity. I practise spoken word in my free time, and hope to share a piece this week or in the next. I hope you’ll enjoy. Please stick around for Poetry Wednesday😍

In case you missed it…

  • A late narrative went up on Meet your Characters last Monday, from the story, The Raid. I published a review on Friday. Click here to read the narrative, and here for its review.
  • Two more posts went up on Benie Writes, Tuesday and on Thursday. They are:
  • Check out last week’s Poetry Wednesday here
  • Check out the update 03 here.

Thank you for joining me. See you in tomorrow’s post😊

Stay safe, bye.


Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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