Endings Not So! V.1 (Spoken Word): Ready

Endings Not So! V.1- Benie.mp3/video (over Falling To Pieces by Jurrivh)

In among all the beautiful stars up high, yours, I will always see brightest.
Tears of thoughts of you, still soak my cheeks, and pillows; my heart still breaks—
It shatters to memories, even though some things are final, like your departure.

I have a son now—if you could see him! Do you? Wherever you are?
I miss you. I miss our talks, our walks, your company and infectious smile…
I miss listening to you hum, or watching you cook; watching you live.
Sometimes I try to remember how you looked like—I always do, drowning.
But where are you? I don’t feel you with me…
I only still wish some endings were not so.

Perched on the cliffs of life, I watched hope break below.
I could just… let go, let death have its way. I did let go…
Within, I was gone, and there was no return that I knew.
I closed my eyes and let fate have its way; I grew
Tired of my hands sore, I would just… let go.
But then there was you, there was,
Perhaps, a chance to look at situations with fresh eyes, there was,
Perhaps, much bigger at stake than the life of a twenty-year old;
There was a generation to think about, a generation to mold…

You are my second chance and my life’s first choice.
I am soon to celebrate a year of a right choice;
I wish she could see you, hold you, and know you.
Perhaps, she sees you. She’ll know you. I hope she loves you!

I will make another version of the audio someday.


4 thoughts on “Endings Not So! V.1 (Spoken Word): Ready

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing this. I am sorry about your loss and glad the poem spoke to you! ❤ Have a lovely week too!


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