What is Life WITHout Love?

And we talked, without words
Walked, without life
Smiled, with plenty of fake ness
Laughed, with more emptiness
We loved, without touching
Cared, without saying
Wronged, with such remorse!
Apologized, with more silence
Detached, with such radiance!
We met, without talking
Wished, with no horses left
Lived, with no breaths to draw
Just polluted air, with anxieties…
Illnesses, within and without
We fought, without swords
Bled, with more than blood
We cried, swore, cursed, with bitterness
Looking at all the ruins, with sadness
See, we crashed, without falling
And still try, without failing
‘Destroy what’s left, without much
Just the hate, without reason
See, we can never survive without love
I mean, what is life without love?


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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