Love Without Ceasing

I was happier before all this,
my life was perfect;
I was at peace.

But how can I undo any of it?

It has been heaven–
nothing I ever imagined,
ever something
I do not see coming.
How it fills me!
And how inexplicably!
O’, how every moment feels new,
and how it burns, undying,
and yet, how it razes,
and yet, how beautiful!
When it brings two

How can I undo such?
Why would I?
Where would I begin,
when I and the feeling are one?

And, so,
as it burns and destroys,
as it steals my happiness and peace,
I know I still wouldn’t trade it–
not for anything.

I have always known the price of it,
the price any lover must pay.
And yet,
I always dive in,
with my heart first,
and with all my mind,
a little at a time.

How can I ever stop loving?

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