Your Good Life (A poem about living)

Often times, life takes its own course.

Do not be so bitter when it does.

Close your eyes at the end of the day, 
and look back at whatever stuck out—
I hope something does.
Say a thank you for anything
that meant something special to you,
that made a difference in your life,
and for all that was beyond you,
and yet, worked out.
And if something does not work out,
may you accept it and move on—
a whole life awaits you.

Allow your heart to feel,
and remind yourself
to put everything to rest.
Allow your mind to drift
to oblivion, to nothingness,
to dreaminess.
you deserve it.

Open your eyes with the rise of the sun,
and say a thank you for the blessings
of life, of fresh breath,
of another chance
to make a difference.

Seek out your heart's desires
for the day ahead.
Set aside what means more
from what matters lesser.
And say a prayer for your plans,
and may you understand
that your plans are but your ideas
of how things would turn out—
not at all different from wishes.

And I hope you can remember this:
often times, life takes its own course.
Do not be so bitter when it does.
Rise as bold as the sun does,
and face your day with gladness.

©benielangat, 2021.


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