I hope V.2 (A poem about living)

We are here for only a time—

may it be the best you ever had.

I hope you can smile, 
regardless of how your day has been,
regardless of the pain or sorrow you feel,
regardless of your disappointments,
your setbacks, or your failures.

I hope you can laugh,
regardless of how low you feel,
regardless of how sad you are,
regardless of how pointless
laughter may seem.

I hope you can love,
and never stop loving,
even when confronted
with a million reasons not to.

I hope you can forgive,
and should forgiveness feel so hard,
should it feel impossible,
I hope you can release your soul
and surrender
your disfavor to the Supreme.
And may you believe in a higher power—
only you will determine
what that means to you, to your life.

I hope you can conquer
the allure in the depth of darkness,
in whatever form it presents itself.
It could be in hate or in anger,
it could be in deceit,
or it could be in the least imaginable.

I hope you can forget
what you must forget—
only you know what it is
because you fight it day and night,
or you cling to it so tight,
even when it does you no good.

I hope you can live,
and keep choosing life.

From the bottom of my heart,
I wish every living being
the very best in life.
We are here for only a time—
may it be the best you ever had.

©benielangat, 2021.


14 thoughts on “I hope V.2 (A poem about living)

  1. Thank you Benie, you call forth hope so beautifully,
    causing deep breathing……and releasing….
    Hope is a gracious yarn for rethreading our lives,
    to stitch up the torn and broken pieces…

    We must carry on
    Follow our dreams and live in a dream, live a dream even when everything around us shouts no…
    Follow our routines, find joy and happiness in our everday lifestyles in these uncertain times.

    Clinging on to hope,
    holding it tight,
    embracing and caressing it
    When we break down and cry.

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    1. I deeply appreciate your expression of your thoughts on this piece. I am happy it moved you as much 😊
      Hope does stitch up our torn and broken pieces. It makes a difference, and so does holding on to it. And indeed, we must also live, carry on, dream.
      Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, thank you Benie, wishing you a marvelous day, full of magic and wonder, full of peace and tranqulity, love and laughter.

        Yes we must live and carry on.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. How lovely! ❤
      I am happy you are leaving with as much from these lines. I hope they continue to mean something to you ☺


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