The Master: V (A poetic chain)

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(Patience and limitation…)

Patience is an art, 
limitation is as well so.

Take your time with most things
and your heart will rest better,
most days and all nights.
Give yourself all the time you need.
And should things not go your way,
may you understand
that it is not the end,
as you yet draw breath.
Give yourself all the time you need
when things feel hard, hurtful, or hellish.
Time is all you need to get through hell,
to heal, to let go, and to move on.

Limit all that you feel,
and all that you want, and pursue.
Limit how much of yourself
you give out to people and to things.
Limit your time with your emotions,
your feelings, your wants, and pursuits.
You must always act as yourself,
and not because of something or someone.
And while it is noble to do it
for something or someone,
if you must give of yourself,
may you see that your completeness
will mean theirs too.

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