The Master: IV (A poetic chain)

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Did you find yourself burning 
with desire?
There is someone or something
you cannot rid your mind of,
and your wants are irrepressible.
Did you find your heart
yearning for your desires,
or your mind
crying out for them?

You are human—
you will desire.
There is no shame in it.
It is no crime.
Some may think of it as sin,
but sin is your judgment to make.
Some may think of it as immoral,
but morality is as sin, yours judgment.
Many desires are not of our choosing.
we choose how we face or tame them.

Watch your desires,
watch how they rise in you,
and that they never consume you.
Should your desires consume you,
you will be playing to their tune
moving to their wills.
Watch that your desires
never take control over you
for you are a master of them—
it must ever be so.

©benielangat, 2021.

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3 thoughts on “The Master: IV (A poetic chain)

  1. □we choose how we face or tame them.□

    There comes the warning again
    This to and fro
    Watch your burning desires
    Let not your passions consume you
    Always this

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