The Master: III (A poetic chain)

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Did you find yourself expecting 
something or someone to be so?
Did you lay upon your expectations,
some hope and some confidence?
Did your expectations lead you
to want and thus to wait?

Your expectations can disappoint you--
no outcome is ever guaranteed.
And yet, it is okay to expect,
as is to hope, and with confidence.
But since all people and all things
can change at any moment,
especially when least expected,
it is best to expect nothing
of and from anyone or anything.

©benielangat, 2021.

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5 thoughts on “The Master: III (A poetic chain)

  1. This mostly baffles me
    The constant interplay
    Using Expectations
    And then comsoling Hope
    To land at 🌻don’t build your hopes🌻
    Let go of your desires
    And your commitment
    Expect nothing

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