My Sunshine (A sad & beautiful recollection)

(I hope to remain yours…)

Every memory of you is beautiful. 
When night falls, I miss you more
because the nights with you
were full of light, and full of life,
and full of beautiful dreams.
Our days were full of laughter.
The days with you by me and I by you,
were full of sunshine, even in gloom.
You remain my sunshine;
I can only hope to remain yours!
Our days were full of stories,
exploration and recollections.
We made memories that would etch
to the soul—oh, how I will miss you!
Our dark days remind me
that we were human,
and to falter is human.
I thus hold firmest to the beauty
in the moments we shared.

©benielangat, 2021.


Photo by Jackson David from Pexels

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