Dark(en) Empty (A sad poem)

(A drowning...)

It is dark, it is raining, 
it is cold, I am alone.
I cry, I scream, I tear apart
in the quiet of the night.
I fall apart
against this wall,
against that wall.
I am human, but it sucks
to feel all that I feel.
It sucks to be alive,
this moment.
So, take me!
I cry:
take me now! Take me away!
Nobody listens, nobody listens.
Nobody takes me.
I slide to the floor,
I break, I break.
It is a dark day for my heart,
an even darker night:
my mind takes me
this way and that way,
my mind kills me—
it has no off switch,
it plays no sweet tune,
and yet, it quiets not.
It eats me, my mind,
it kills me.
And yet, I am it, oh,
I am my mind.
And I am my thoughts.
And my thoughts
become my feelings.
But I refuse to be
my feelings.
I refuse to be
this sadness, this pain,
this endless torment,
this hell, this hell, this loop
of insanity, upon insanity!

And yet, as it rains,
as the darkness
thickens, emboldens,
as the cold whips,
I am a sad man,
I am a broken man,
I am a tormented soul.

and empty,
but for all I am,
this night,
I rain.
I rain.
My storms
drown me.

©benielangat, 2021.


Photo by Mariana Montrazi from Pexels

17 thoughts on “Dark(en) Empty (A sad poem)

    1. This piece came from a sad place, indeed. Some dark place, too. Some drowning, and some pain… I couldn’t hold it back. Thank you ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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