(Be yourself…)

So, who are you, 
underneath it all? 
A smile, sometimes, 
is only a mask, 
a curtain 
of your inner world, 
your true feelings. 

What would you do, 
if you could let go 
and be yourself? 
Who would you see, 
if you stood before a mirror 
and opened your soul? 

You have lost so much 
to pretense to please— 
your soul remains 
displeased, day by day. 
The freedom 
in simply being, 
is inexplicable. 

Do not be afraid 
to be who you are— 
you do not have to hide, 
you do not need a mask. 
The world will perceive you 
some will accept you, 
others will reject you. 
It would save you 
to remember: 
the world owes you 

So, live your life, 
be yourself. 
You exist 
because you should. 
Before you expire, 
strive to experience life 
as yourself. 
Hold nothing back, 
least of all, yourself. 

©benielangat, 2021. 

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