As You Are

(Accepting life…)

Some things, you know you cannot change. 
You want to—how you wish you could! 
But you know, too well, and it is sad, 
but you know: there is nothing you can do. 
It eats you up inside, regardless 
of how much you know 
that what you cannot change, 
you should best submit, let go, accept. 
You know, oh, you know, 
but that you cannot change, such, 
eats you up inside—how you wish you could! 
But wishes are not horses; 
wishes are only for the heart. 
The very heart that understands it all. 
And yet, wishing does not bring any comfort; 
wishing does not lessen the pangs. 
So, you hope, and you cling to it 
with your life, with your every breath— 
you hope, and hope for your heart 
that, whichever way every next second goes, 
you will live, appreciate life, and accept life. 
And you will move on. Moving on, you hope 
for the strength to forget what you must, 
and to embrace what you cannot. 
You are one with all you feel, 
and with all your experiences, 
and with all you have been or will be. 
You are as you are— 
you are beautiful, and perfect, as you are. 

©benielangat, 2021. 

2 thoughts on “As You Are

  1. A great movement and journey, overcoming Denial, working through the Sadness and all of our Wishes
    Most of all the struggles of the Heart, our forever Hope and Moving On.

    Liked by 1 person

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