Then and Now and Then (A poetic note & chain): I of VI

(Little star…)

You looked so vulnerable in my arms. You felt so vulnerable. It would be a while before you smiled. When you did smile your first, it was genuine. It was beautiful. You looked beautiful. A little star, you glittered with pure innocence. You looked pure. You looked angelic.

I look back at my childhood. I would learn enough words, someday. I would speak big dreams, beautiful dreams. All days looked the same. Each day was a new experience. All days felt the same, nonetheless. All days shone peace. All days brought bliss. Most days were pure clarity. Other days, I feathered to oblivion. But oblivion was as palpable as the present. Everything was very real.

I remember how quickly you would let go. I thought you forgot what you liked and what you did not. But it was never forgetting, was it? It was letting go. And when you did forget, you would forget quickly. You held on, sometimes. Only to what meant something real to the soul. You held no grudges. You buried no pain, no sorrow in you. You amazed me. I saw something real in your innocence. I saw something genuine in you. I loved how simple, yet perfect you were.

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