Twenty-Four: Hope

(May you live, and live well...)

The sun rose, warmer
today, than yesterday,
than the day before.
The wind feels cooler
today, stronger,
than yesterday,
than the day before.
Songs are all over
today—the birds
chirp, (how beautiful!)
my heart sings!
The leaves hiss,
(oh, how smooth!)
my heart sings!
I feel happier,
I feel alive
in your arms,
in your eyes,
I see hope—
oh, how you give
me hope! I hope
for more life,
for more seconds,
with you, with you.
I feel wanted—
you make me feel
wanted; I feel
worthy of love,
of life, because
you treasure me,
you treasure me,
you treasure me.

Someday, I wake
with tears, with
a broken heart.
Someday, (oh, this day!)
I wake with troubled
speech—I can only
whimper, and swallow
my bitter thoughts.
Someday, someday,
hope fails me—
I hope less and lesser,
until I lose all hope.
My sights are blurry,
partly because
of the tears; the tears,
they flow, they burn
my broken heart.
You listen to me,
you break with me.
We are children again,
you and I—
humble, vulnerable,
honest, and kind.
We have each other,
you and I,
you and I,
you and I.

I rise, some other day;
some dark day, this day,
some day, expected,
but not anticipated
Hope failed me—
I hope less and lesser,
until I lose all hope,
and hope not.
This day, before,
I would celebrate.
I would meet it
with much gladness.
It now tears me apart
within; within,
I break, I pour,
I pour—how I pour!
But you show up,
expected and unexpected.
Perhaps, the only hope
that yet survived?
Perhaps, perhaps.
You hold my hand
and walk with me—
such boldness!
Such elegance,
such glamour,
such majesty!
I marvel, I smile,
and you smile,
and you tell me
Everything will be okay.
I believe you,
I trust you.
I feel safer,
I feel safer—
you make me feel,
oh, so much more!

Life has been pain,
life has been a beauty,
life has been in camouflage.
Life will always bear surprises.
I could keep count
of my losses,
of my pains, of my scars.
I could keep count
of all ills
of the world, from the world—
it will all be more weight
to my heart, to my soul;
it will all take more from me,
and it will have been my choice.
I could keep count
of my blessings,
speak gratitude
for each and every one of them,
and speak more blessings
to all.
I could let go,
free my soul, free my heart
and live, experience,
love and accept life,
accept challenges
and disappointments,
and take everything else
one step
after another,
one step
after another.

For your dark days,
I wish you hope,
I wish you light.
For your hard times,
I wish you hope,
I wish you strength.
For your sadness,
your pain, and sorrow,
I wish you hope,
I wish you healing.
For your ugly past,
for your blurry future,
I wish you hope.
Let go and live,
Let go and live,
live, live, live! –
Only you know how.
I wish you life,
more breaths,
more seconds
to make the most of.
May you live,
may you live well.

©benielangat, 2021.

I celebrated my birthday on the 7th of November weekend on the road, with someone I love.

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18 thoughts on “Twenty-Four: Hope

    1. Thank you so much, Joanne! ❤
      I am happy you found the poem nice and moving. The theme of hope spoke to me as much as I hoped it would you, and happiness flowed right out! Blessings to you

      Liked by 1 person

  1. At the 24th hour
    Benie you write to me, and I feel the warmth swell up inside of me, and i love how my tears drops for those other days, and in thoughts of the sweet and the pity recoil, yes i feel it to….
    So for you
    I wish you life
    And more breaths (this was so wonderfully recorded, i laughed and I cried)

    May you live well….(snot en trane)
    May live long, may live well Benie.

    Pablo Neruda smiles joyfully at your advice to poets on the art of writing poetry and drama.

    Exqusite Benie
    You allow me to ache, to cry and to laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am happy this piece spoke to you and that you found connection and comfort in it. Thank you so much for the wishes! ❤
      I hope to read much of Pablo Neruda… I am happy you think as much about this piece! ☺
      Thank you for your thoughts on this ❤


      1. Oh yes i could feel all those days, every single one you so vividly described.
        Yes this is the kind of poetry that i feel Pablo would smile knod his head with a hat tip.
        You are most welcome. Have a wonderful day ❤


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