Unwind (A Poetic Chain): V of VI

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(Memories, feelings, and forgetting...) 

There was a time, when my life felt like mine.
I owned my moments, my days and nights.
I had not met you, and how alive I was!
Now, nothing stands between me and my life
but these memories of you and feelings for you.
I will enter into the darkness
in a wide and a full embrace,
I will drop my mask of you, and I will live.

And the world will rise,
each soul at different times.
Some will be up early by choice,
some by chance, others on duty.
There is beauty, regardless, in the rise,
and rewards, for early birds, never run out.
I rise early, regardless
of the battles of the night before,
for my reward
will be forgetting you
and taking back my life.

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4 thoughts on “Unwind (A Poetic Chain): V of VI

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! ❀
      It is time to move on… The core was about addiction, but it indeed also serves plenty other aspects of moving on,


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