Unwind (A Poetic Chain): II of VI

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(To be free...)

The darkness, ah, what a time the night is!
I love how masks fall off in the night,
how naked all souls are in the darkness.
The darkness creates this illusion,
or this mere comforting idea
that not everybody sees the entirety
or nobody really cares—such nudity
bears inexplicable freedom.
And don't we all crave freedom?

I find the night comforting—
we are all the same, in some way;
we do not have to pretend.
But you are not with me,
and the nights, as this, you fill me
with memories and these feelings
of and for you, I wish I never met you.
I do not feel free, and it kills me.
Why won't you let me go,
now that you are gone?

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2 thoughts on “Unwind (A Poetic Chain): II of VI

  1. How you match the night with freedom and agony is mesmerizing, it makes tears to swell up in my eyes.
    The appreciation for the darkness combined with the agony of seperation is piercing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, you look through ❤
    The darkness is often a blend of beauty and sadness; freedom sometimes leaves something of a prison, within. I am glad you felt this one


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