Unwind (A Poetic Chain): I of VI

(Memories, silence, and melancholy...)

With only silence for company,
and memories playing
endless conversations in my head,
I watch the sunset, I miss you.
I miss how you made me feel,
such times, when speech failed me.
I miss what you brought out of me,
even when I felt that I was empty.
Now, drowning in melancholy, I feel empty—
you are not with me.

There is a world all around me;
I can hear birds singing,
I can see others fly across the sky.
I can hear crickets waking,
and hear frogs croaking.
I can feel the earth I sit on,
on which, I rest my feet,
and place my thoughts.
I can feel the chill in the breeze,
as I watch the darkness creeping.
I watch people rushing,
this way and that way,
closing for the day.
I feel empty within me—
my day has just began,
and yet, I have nothing for it
but memories, silence, and melancholy.
I should not miss you so much,
but I do. Oh, how I miss you!

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