(If I could dream, unbound...)

Sometimes, I close my eyes and see
a little bird in a cage.
I watch the bird peck,
I love his chirps, and his looks.
A few times,
my little bird comes close enough
to trust and take the food I offer.
Most times,
I feel some connection, some bond—
I know my little bird likes me,
and I know I like him, too
(but never enough to set him free).
often, my heart aches for the little bird—
this bird, deep down, is unhappy,
and I know not how much;
this bird knows
there is a whole world out there,
waiting, waiting,
offering much more than survival.
But if that was all! (O', that is not all of it).
I see myself in the body of the bird,
such times,
and I wish I could spread out my wings,
and fly, feel the wind,
love the sights from above,
dream something real, something eternal,
something as high as the highest of heights.
My little bird does dream.
When I open my eyes,
I look out of my cage—
the one I have built for myself
over the years.
I look out and see
the same things, and the same people,
I have the same chances, in the same spaces,
I sing the same songs, and how my songs
are sweet with longing and desire!
I want to be free,
and yet,
unlike my little bird in his cage,
I hold the keys to mine freedom.
I peck at my accumulations
of over my time,
and yet,
feel unsatisfied with everything
within my reach.
I want more, how I want to be free!
How I would fly, soar high,
higher than the highest of heights.
How I would dream, unbound!


Photo by Ryan Miguel Capili from Pexels

7 thoughts on “Caged

  1. *If i could dream unbound*

    A breathtaking opening line
    I felt that deep inhalation
    And all the feelings as you road the wave and exhaled

    And we say it all the time or we asked what is this freedom

    Can you imagine for some it is to know and experience the embrace of one or two people

    But there is more, much more to this freedom that burns inside of us, isn’t it

    And how we smile and laugh with this burning freedom inside of us.

    What a fragrant breakdown
    Reading i felt unbounded and expansive…
    A breathtaking and an inspiring meltdown

    Liked by 1 person

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