You Are More

May you discover all that you are. 

What if you spent all day sleeping,
with your plan to change the world,
to change your world,
waiting, hanging somewhere, incomplete,
what then?

What if you think about your next step
in your lifeline project,
your project of all time,
and all you see is darkness,
and all you feel is confusion,
what then?

What about the skills you gathered
over the years, through hardships,
through sleepless nights,
and complicated pages?
What about how you have found
no home for your knowledge,
for all your time
of pure dedication, of pure sacrifice,
what about that?

What about the talks you must have,
and yet dread to?
And the matters you must settle,
and yet stall to?
The myriads of demands around you
that you are yet to satisfy?
What about how every such thing,
arising not of your desires,
takes more from you?
What then?

What about the days that feel long,
and the nights you wish would end?
And about your fears? Your tears?
Those only you know and see and feel?
And about your demons? Your scars?
And your darkest, loneliest times?
What about the times you have wished for,
even knocked on the doors of the end?

Your now may seem, or feel irrelevant.
It is okay if that bothers you,
even though it should not.
Irrelevant is an okay place
to start or be.
You may feel that
what you do is irrelevant.
Why you are doing it
is a good place to start,
a good thing to remember.
If you love it, if it makes you happy,
do it with delight, and give it everything.
And should you fail to,
I hope you will have the heart
to try again.

And I hope you know,
it is okay to have days
that feel slow, and directionless.
Be kind and patient with yourself.
And since life can feel
confusing, sometimes,
and you may feel
lost or stuck,
I hope you can keep going.
May you complain not,
may you feel, as you move,
and yet quit not.
May you
speak gratitude, speak hope,
speak life, and speak love,
as you keep going.
Keep going.

You will do the things you must do,
regardless of the discomfort they cause you.
You will thus settle what you must,
and satisfy where due,
regardless of what you lose in it all.
You should not worry so much
about the things that must happen;
the things you can neither avoid nor outrun.
And since certain things must happen,
what about get done with them soonest?

May you find the strength you need
to hold on through your darkest days
and your coldest, loneliest nights.
Fear is human, as is to feel—
allow yourself some humanity.
And since we all have demons,
it could help to remember:
a little light goes a long way
in the darkest pits.
And since we will all always
find ourselves alone,
I hope you can eventually find comfort
in aloneness,
and find the strength to overcome sadness.
I hope you discover all that you are,
and that you are more than you know.

But, O', may you take your mind and hands
farthest from the doors of the end.
"Choose life!
Be the difference."



Photo by Rahul Pandit from Pexels

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