Did You Live?

Your moment. 

You have only today to live. 
You can look at our mystery this way— 
we are here for some reason, 
and yet, we cannot help but feel 
we deserve this, to be here. 
Do we, though? 

You have only a moment to live; 
the next is pure mystery. 
I may not breathe to see it. 
It will be sad, and there will be tears, 
but I did not deserve this, 
as don't we all, 
and thus shouldn't ever have borne 
a "life expectancy." 
I will have lived, owned it, 
that matters a ton. 

A moment is all it is, really. 
What to do with it? 
You can live, or you can brood, 
whine, about this and that. 
You can demand more, 
claim more, 
want it all— 
it is our primal nature to seek, 
after all, 
and that it roots from want! 

But a moment is all we have, really. 
What to do with it? 
You can live, you can live. 
You can explore, discover, 
first within and then without. 
You can let go and free your soul 
of burdens of expectations, 
and from the prison of desire, want. 
You can give gratitude 
for a moment more that you exist.  
You can learn to give, 
and learn to share, 
heal where you can, 
and create and speak life. 

You can give your moment your all. 
And if by sundown, 
you yet draw breath, 
you can look back at it all 
and wonder quietly 
if you lived. 

©Benie_Langat, 2021. 

Photo by george ketselashvili from Pexels

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2 thoughts on “Did You Live?

  1. Magnificent 👍🏻♥️
    You have summarized the whole life and its purpose. Be grateful for the moment we have and carve something valuable out of it. We should be grateful for the moment we have and carve something valuable out of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am happy you found meaning in this piece, Saliha 😊
      Indeed, our moments are all we have! It helps to look at it all with fresh eyes and be grateful

      Liked by 1 person

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