Update 02/21

I hope this update finds you well!

The Past Year (2020)

Benie Writes first went live early last year (2020). It is when I first met the WordPress family. We connected throughout the year in poems, discussions, short stories, challenges, among various other posts.

However, towards the end of the year, personal struggles pinned me down.

This Year (2021)

I have been unable to post consistently this year. Times have been hard, but poetry has kept me going. Hope has kept me going. Then happened SOUL.

About Of Dreams And Hope: SOUL

How do you find poetry? What would you take from a poem? What would you rather it left with you (in you)?

Of Dreams And Hope: SOUL is a collection of 46 new poems through 120 plus pages. The six parts, Of Hope, Of Living, To Be, Soul, Of Dreams, and The Close, have a message of hope in their core.


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SOUL Dedication

I dedicate this book of poems…

to all persons who are going through something, have been through something, or are worried about something that may or may never happen…

to all persons struggling with hope, all who have lost hope, and all who need a reminding, perhaps, some motivation…

to lovers, dreamers, laborers, parents;

to the sad, the angry, the heart broken, and the loners…


Struggles of this and the past year (2020) took irreplaceable things from me. They also left in me something of a lesson about hope: you may feel you have lost it all, but really, you only ever do when you lose hope.

I found it therapeutic to put my feelings on the page, share my thoughts with you, and send a message of hope. I imagined how other people feel about every step through their lives, and I understood that I never could fully understand.

But hope is not so complicated. We all can hope and hold on to it.

Writing (& collecting)

I started writing at least 20 of the 46 poems between April and July. Of Living and To Be consist of the latest collection from August 2021. Several other new poems (from August 2021) are spread out throughout the remaining four parts.

Early release

Of Dreams And Hope: SOUL first went live on September 12, 2021, in pdf, epub, Mobi, fb2, and AZW3 formats. Buy now @ $5 only!

Official release

The official release for Of Dreams And Hope: SOUL is October 17, 2021.

The collection will go live on Amazon from October 16, 2021.

Preorder from October 9, 2021.


I am still making arrangements for a live reading of SOUL. It is not yet official, but I hope to do it on October 17, 2021. I will update you on the final date or other plans.

This Year on Benie Writes

This update marks the return of Benie Writes. Expect daily posts (poems, discussions, short stories, among more) beginning tomorrow (October 7, 2021).


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