The Sun Did Not Rise

A nightmare


You lay beside me.

I thought you looked beautiful

in your seemingly peaceful sleep.

I loved the scent of you,

I loved the sound of your breathing,

the warmth of your flesh on mine.

I listened to your dreams,

and listened to your snores,

and watched you turn and sprawl,

as I slipped quietly into an abyss.

It would be our last, this night.

I would walk to the window,

look out into the dark night,

and wish the sun would never rise.


You waved quietly.

I thought you looked beautiful,

even as you wore a plastic smile

(as you liked to call it when I did).

You looked down, you looked away,

and never looked back.


It would be forever

before I found comfort

in your absence beside me.

But forever passes with the wind

as did our dreams, our fantasies.

Photo by Sprina Huang from Pexels

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