For You: Of Dreams And Hope

"And, indeed, we each rose, with a smile or a frown, 
for the beauties of the night faded by daylight.
And sometimes, we held on only to how it felt.
And sometimes, dreams are not all gleamy and right..."

©OfDreamsAndHopeSOUL, 2021.

Of Dreams And Hope : S O U L (A poetry collection)


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S O U L Dedication

To all persons who are going through something, have been through something, or are worried about something that may or may never happen…

to all persons struggling with hope, all who have lost hope, and all who need a reminding, perhaps, some motivation…

to lovers, dreamers, laborers, parents;

to the sad, the angry, the heart broken, and the loners…

Cover photo for SOUL, a poetry collection, with woman outstretching arms and casting shadow of wings


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Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

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