SMILE (Of Dreams And Hope)

If you frown
and find yourself at it,
I hope you can remind yourself
to save a smile for you, beautiful."

(Smile from Of Love And Hope: S O U L)

Of Dreams And Hope: S O U L (A poetry collection) Update

The past few days have not been the smoothest, but for the life, for the love, and for the laughter I have afforded, I am grateful.

Following my short notice, we may not have a typical launch for the poetry collection, S O U L.


I hope to host a reading session between Sep 25 and 26, 2021 (I will update you). In many ways, the reading will mark my official release.

Before then…

Sales are on!

If you want to get reading before the weekend of 9/25, grab a copy of Of Dreams And Hope: S O U L (A poetry collection):

  • It goes for $5 only! (At 50% off, until 9/25/21)
  • It is not available on Amazon, yet (and may not be for a little while)
  • Paperback copies, too, will not be available for a while

Currently, the available formats are:

  • pdf
  • epub
  • AZW3
  • mobi
  • fb2

Where to buy S O U L:

Here, on Benie Writes! (new tab) I hope you will find it convenient.

Follow this link (new tab) or enter <> into your address bar.

Accessing your copy Of Dreams And Hope

Upon your payment confirmation of $5, you will be redirected to your file options. Download the ebook with one click.

I was unable to share updates earlier; I will share more every day, before the official release & reading.

Please give S O U L a chance.

Follow my blog for updates 🙂


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