The Dark Days: Keep Going

Some days can seem dark.

You may stumble on your way—

you must keep going, nevertheless.

The darkness is of, among other things,

coming face to face

with every second’s unpredictability.

But aren’t all days as dark, then?

For every second remains unpredictable.

It could mean life or death,

it could mean gains or losses,

it could mean tears or laughter,

it could mean nothing,

or it could mean something special.

Sometimes, though,

you blink and find yourself

in the same place, second after second;

in the same feels, day after day.

And at some point, it sucks

it has become predictable,

however hopeful you fight to be.

How, it sucks! —

It is another kind of darkness.

But dear, do not eventually

get comfortable

in the quiet of the dark.

Remember to keep going,

seeking light, fighting for hope.

You will stumble on your way,

but it is okay—you will rise.

Keep going, keep going.


Photo by Pedro Gabriel Miziara on Unsplash

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