Your Mountain

Life is full of mountains. You will come upon ranges of them, some, as tall as the sky, and others, so steep, so slippery and oh, so challenging. With a mind to conquer your mountain, you will conquer it.

At first sight, some mountains will seed in you doubt. You may fear, you may feel despair sink deeper down your sunken heart. Some will walk away, some will hang their heads and brood till noon, till dusk, till dawn. You can choose to be different. 

Let not “impossible” creep to the banks of your mind. Dress your within in confidence, and in conviction, and in truth; cleave paths in you. Unlock the power, “possible.” Nothing is impossible to a mind that believes. 

You will move on your mountain and you will move it and you will come on top of it, bigger and better because you will discover that in you is everything true. You do not need strength—you are the strength, the power. You are a sum of your beliefs, you are your mind. 


Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

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