If you have your someone,

and you love them, and care about them,

and, for them, you would do or give anything in a breath,

you have a complete world, a whole life.

For to love is to live and to give,

without expecting to receive.

It is to lose and to win,

it is to be vulnerable,

it is to hurt and to cry,

and it is heartfelt laughter and genuine happiness.

Life is all this;

it is a cocktail of all extremes.

And if to love is to live,

you thus experience all extremes,

with your someone.


If you have nobody but yourself,

and you love and care about yourself,

and you would do or give anything in a breath

for your happiness, and peace,

you have a complete world in you, you have life and are whole.

For to live is to believe,

first in yourself, before in any other.

It is to lose without losing the heart to try,

and when you do lose it, it is to be kind to yourself.

It is to win without a brag,

with neither the time nor the heart for gloat, 

it is to win without counting your losses.

And should you find yourself bragging or gloating about any of it,

or speaking ill of what you lost,

or drunken with bitterness over any of it,

it is to understand that you are human,

and it is okay to feel as you do.

But it is also to learn to let go and move on.

And since you love yourself, and care about yourself,

you will experience the extremes of life,

and will thus hurt and cry,

and will laugh and be happy

alone, by yourself.


But are we not all pieces of our own, even with our people?

Should life not be so?

Yearn to find, discover yourself, and live wholly,

whether you are by yourself, or with your someone.

Life will embrace you, as you embrace it,

and love will flow out of you and into you,

because, gentle one, to live is to love.


It is a blessing to have someone.

And when you don’t,

it is good to have yourself. 


Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

6 thoughts on “Someone

      1. And thank you, Laura ☺
        May every day of your week bear blessings, and may you see and feel them. Cheers!


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