Let Go and Let Life

Did you watch the sun rise

And steal the pride of the darkness?

Or the moon sneak out of sight?

Do you love the sound of the rain falling

Or listen to the howls of the winds with wonder?

And what do the extremes of life tell you?

The darkness as the light,

The winds, as the calm—  

What do you see in them?

You can have it in all ways– life –

But I hope you can see and believe this:

No condition lasts.


When something makes you laugh, smile, happy,

Give it your all; smile from and in your heart—

Live the moment in entirety.

And when something makes you frown, cry, sad, 

Let it all out; let it out from deep within your heart.

And when the time comes to part ways with every experience,

A time only you can and will know,

I hope you can summon the courage

To let go—

Wave your silent goodbyes,

Whisper your sweet, soft sayings. 

You lived through it and must now live past it.

Let go and move on—live.


Photo by Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “Let Go and Let Life

      1. Happy you liked it, Suyash ☺
        Thank you for sharing info about the competition; I will check it out!


    1. I believe that all we have is a breath, a moment. What is gone is irreversible and what is to come is out of reach. All we have is now. Live the best you can now. And if you ever feel that you failed to, you can always breathe and try again. Own your moments 🌸


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