The Deep End

Gentle one,
I can’t fall in love,
Not again, not ever again—
I want you to remember that
The next time you make
Me feel this way.
Why do you?

It’s unfair
That I drown in emotions you draw,
Yet you… You swim through,
With him by your side.
Why do you kill me this way,
While you live; why do you leave?
Why do you?

Your lips close to my lips,
Your breath heavy on mine,
The warmth of your flesh
Over my flesh, our fingers
Entangled and hearts entwined:
I wished for forever in these
Moments that lasted some seconds.
I remembered what forever was—
A fallacy, and still wished for it;
I remembered what wishes were—
Clouds of smoke, and still made them.
Was it impossible? This illusion?
Of you and I? Could we find out?

Could we dive
Deep down the emotions we drew?
Could we swim to the end?
You and I, side by side, could we?
Or are there things I don’t know, or shouldn’t?
Are there things I don’t want to know?

I know you’re with him
And it breaks me
To watch you live,
As I drown.
Why do you leave?


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