Update 1/21

I hope this update finds you well!

This year has been a year. So much has happened. So much attempted to put me down too. I did go down plenty of times but did not stay there. I don’t know about tomorrow, I have grown from yesterday, and today deserves no judgment; I am alive, which is perfect.

Poetry kept me going—it always has. When I could not do anything but feel, I would let my lines feel me too, and that helped a ton!

I have risen from my ashes and am finding my way back to my life’s work. Today, I will share more than a poem. It has been forever since we had a discussion, don’t you think? (I feel so ) We will have one today. I also hope to share a short story and a set of one-liners.

With time, I will fully resume regular posting.

Stay safe. See you between the lines!


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