Little Star

For someday, perhaps; for any day.


Your first day on this earth
Was a day, I forever treasure.
So tiny, was your head to toe;
So fragile, your first change
Earned a celebration!
Your sound sleep
Was everything to be glad about,
And your tiny breaths
Were my reasons to draw more.
I loved you, before I saw you
And more when I did.

I loved to sing
When I was younger;
I tried to sing
When I was older.
When you were younger,
And you and I were alone,
And you would look at me
With those adorable eyes,
And I would feel
That I owed you a song…
I tried, I tried, though, didn’t I?
I guess it will forever
Remain our secret,
Between the lines
Of, “My little star…”
O’, my little star!

You are less little every day.
It makes me happy
To watch you
Take your steps in life,
And grow
Into who you love—
I always told you:
You are great,
And you are beautiful,
And you are my world.
And I bowed to you
Since your birth,
And I always will.
I am here for you,
And will stand to the end,
And nothing
Will keep us apart,
Even when it seems
That we are.
See, we remain one
In blood and at heart.

I will always be with you,
And you are always with me.

Hugs and kisses,
4/20 baby.


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