Mighty One

Of above and below and all.

You are a wonder,
Whose entirety, no words can detail.
Your splendour
Glides over the clouds,
And flies in the wind,
And burns in the sun,
And roars in the thunder,
And flashes in the lighting,
And falls in the rain,
And rises in the waves,
And rushes with the waters,
And sits in the fog,
And mingles with your passion.

Looking out of my window,
I watch with awe,
How with might, you move,
How verily your presence is felt,
And acknowledged
And as the sky rumbles,
And the earth quakes,
And the mortals tumble,
You rise, and you move…
And I wish I too could.
I smile, sipping my coffee,
Amazed by you.


Photo by Rostyslav Savchyn on Unsplash

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