Live: Make it Always

For Freddie.

As kids,
At a phase as tender, as fragile,
In a sprouting youngling’s life,
We had little;
Sometimes, we had
Nothing but love and joy
In our hearts—it was plenty.
We had peace
Of mind and were kind,
And were explorers—
We still are and still learn
From each other, and from time,
Time and again.

As kids,
We were free souls,
Free to roam this earth:
Through every river,
Every hill, every jungle, every
Good in nature—we sought
And still seek; we yet explore,
And we meet, and we grow,
And glow.
We were and remain flocks
Of our parents, and together,
We were and remain a flock,
Bonded beyond blood, beyond
Words, and our worlds meet—

As kids,
We had two people, and then,
We had three people, and then,
We had more people. We met,
We meet, we knew, we know
Shes and hes, this and that.
We had two people, and then,
We had many people,
But one thing
That we never lost
Was each other.
We had each other; we still do.
Let us work on making it

We are older—
Much, much older;
We are wiser
To be as we were
As kids
(Most times).
Let us work
On making it always.
Life is different now, I know.
Everything is all over
And everything else
Is in your hands—it can feel
All kinds of ways.
It is okay.
You are head to head
With life—
Face it with boldness
And with a blind eye
To the past
And with patience
For the future—
It will come.
For now,
Live the best,
Most fulfilling way
You can.


Photo by Knut Troim on Unsplash

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